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 Head office_The Blue Building at the Back,
             near Addis Ababa stadium

RTA' S Web-site

       RTA's web-site is deigned for use, by all who are in need of any information about road transport .  It is a quick reference source, which is intended to be helpful by giving a reliable information for those who want to enter into the sector, and for those who need its services. It contains duties and responsibilities of the Authority. It has the national vehicle data. It gives basic information about the specification of vehicles, and gives highlights about the drivers and mechanics-training center. The traffic safety condition and related issues are part of the web site. Finally the web site gives basic information about the public, freight and liquid transport facilities available in the country.



[Organization] [Transport Information]  [News]

                                            Ethiopian Road Transport Authority. Head Quarter  

   in front of Addis Ababa Stadium  In Blue Building

P.O.Box: 2504   Tel. +251-01-51 -02- 44   Fax: +251-1-510715

   Website: http://www.rta.gov.et

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia