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Rta   Establishment    

Rta   Vision   

Rta   Mission 

Milestone In The History of Rta


Power & Duties Of The authority



                        RTA Establishment                    

Ethiopian Road Transport Authority (R.T.A) is a public Authority responsible to the use of any Roads within Ethiopia, vehicles using these Roads and to all matters relating to  Road transport activities.                                                                                                             Road Transport Administration was established in 1967 by a proclamation No 256/67      to provide for the control and regulation of travel and transport on the Road. After   having under gone restructuring, it has been reorganized as Road Transport  Authority (RTA) Since 1976, by a proclamation No 107/76. The Authority has replaced     and succeeded to the rights and obligations of the former Roads Transport Administration. This has again been restructured and replaced by the  new proclamation no 14/92.                                                                                 RTA'S VISION                            

       Our vision is to ensure the provision of a modern, integrated and safe Road transport services to meet the needs of all the communities for strong and unitary economic and political system in Ethiopia .                                              

                           RTA'S MISSION                           

     To promote and ensure the provision of efficient, economic and safe Road              transport services in the country where as, 

 --    To coordinate and strengthen the road traffic safety             improvement system.

-               To develop road transport directives and standards in line with           the development of the country and to ensure the implementation of     these laws and standards.

-         To develop transport data base system to enhance research &           analysis for the development of the sector.

-         To strengthen the capacity of regions and transport owners in order to ensure the provision of adequate and integrated transport services on competitive basis.                                     

                         MILESTONE IN THE HISTORY OF RTA   

                                               1943  - Transport proclamation

1962 - Vehicle size and weight Regulations 

                            1967  - Road Travel and Transport proclamation No. 256/67

                                     -Road Transport Administration order No 49 of 1967                    


                       OBJECTIVE OF THE AUTHORITY

1.  To promote an efficient, economical and equitable road transport service;

2.  To ensure that road transport services adequately provide for the safety  and   comfort of passengers, the safety  of goods carried, and the       provision of adequate, regular, efficient and dependable services to the public.

                        POWERS AND DUTIES OF THE AUTHORITY    

1.      Determine the operation, equipment, weight, size, number of passengers       and load of vehicles using the road; 

2.      Issue and supervise  the implementation of directives for the registration         and control of vehicles using the road; 

3.      Control the importation, manufacture or assembling of vehicles in Ethiopia       and for this purpose, issue technical specifications;  


                        WHO IS WHO IN THE TRANSPORT  SECTOR  


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